Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This ring is created as an extension of the five rings. It extends upon the movement and the common shape, in which it shares with the fifth ring. This ring also based on a found object and challenged the new and the old with an existing object (the found object).

This project stems from the 1st ring and the 5th ring that was created. The name extension comes to mind to signify this.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Ring 5

This piece is created to examine the value with in an object. It is a miniature machine and handmade object and started off as a found object from a scrap bin.

The finished object still remains mechanical inside. The exterior has been refitted but internally it has never been changed.

The key is an attachment that begins the mechanical movements in the object.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ring 4

Materials used: Perspex and brass

Everyday after university I would walk past a candy store, and in the display window there would always be so many different types of liquorices. I’ve always liked liquorice and the texture of it has always been fascinating and inspired me to create this ring.

The top and bottom can be unscrewed apart to swap and become different types of colored liquorices ring.


Ring 3
Materials used: Sterling silverand found object bounce बल

This ring combines a non-precious material to be incorporated with a precious material
The ring is designed so when you drop it on the floor, it will bounce back to you.

I was trying to experiment with the materials between precious (rubber bounce ball) and non-precious material (sterling silver) by casting the bounce ball in place of a precious-stone and creating the silver in an aluminum setting.


Ring 2
seedling, a pair of ring

Materials used: Copper and Sterling silver. One ring was made to be worn on the toe and the other to be worn on your finger.

Seedlings represent growth and life. The ring is to be worn on the toe to closely attach to the ground. They are created from forging a piece of rod and represents the idea of rings born from flowers and leaves from the playground

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

jack in the box

Ring 1 Jack in the box Materials used: brass, steel and found objects
This ring is based on the reflection of forgotten old toys, the
blackened exterior is created to make it look old and tarnished of the
jack in the box.